Getting Started

  • Click on the Customize It! button at the top of the page.
  • Decide which lighter you would like to Customize.
  • Select ENGRAVE IT! by using the buttons under the image.
    (NOTE: Not all lighters have both options.)
  • Make sure to review our Engraving Tips for information on what is permissible to use on your customized lighter.
    (NOTE: All designs and engravings are manually reviewed by Zippo for approval before production.)
  • Your design will print exactly as shown in the lighter preview. Zippo cannot and will not make changes to your design.

ENGRAVE IT! Instructions

  • Click the side of the lighter you wish to engrave "FRONT" or "BACK" on the left hand side.
  • Click the area (blue box) you wish to engrave. This opens up the "options" box for that area under the "Select Custom Options" box.
  • Type what you want to engraved.
    (NOTE: We are unable to engrave accents, symbols, and emoji. We can engrave letters, numbers, periods (.), comma (,) exclamation points (!), dashes (-), slashes (/), ampersands (&), plus signs (+) and question marks (?).)
  • Select the font you want to use.
  • Repeat for each side and engraving area you wish to use.
    (NOTE: Not all lighters offer engraving on both sides or multiple areas.)