Ignition Equipment

Windproof Series

※Please take care of your Windproof Series.
Zippo-branded windproof lighters purchased from authorized dealers in mainland China ("Zippo Lighters") have a lifetime warranty period. You could contact the authorized retail stores you purchased lighters with effective purchasing documents (invoice or shopping receipts) for repair service.

The scope of guarantee includes functional damages to Zippo Lighters, including the insert fails to ignite (not caused by shortfall of fuel) and damages to hinge.

The following are not guaranteed:
The finish and appearance, including decoration and emblem, intentional damage or any damage caused by wrongful operation will not be repaired. The replacement of consumable items contained in Zippo Lighters(wick, flint and cotton)are not guaranteed.

Reminding: please do not try to repair your Zippo lighter yourself, so it may cause damage to your lighter.

Zippo Hand Warmer

Please take care of your Zippo Hand Warmer.
Please purchase the Zippo (treasure) multi-function igniter special oil through regular channels to ensure that your Zippo multifunction igniter keeps excellent performance.